a quiet toy and tie dye reveal

It’s difficult for little ones to be quiet for long periods of time.  Monna and I have been searching for ways to entertain Mister during worship.  This morning I saw the little tiny  clothes pins  on a shelf and had an aha moment.  Just grab some cardboard and sharpies and make a matching game.  Then I saw the umbrellas and threw them in just for fun.

tie dye and sunday 002

The the tie dye reveal …..

tie dye and sunday 009tie dye and sunday 010

tie dye and sunday 011tie dye and sunday 017

Kate’s 3 shirts…

tie dye and sunday 006tie dye and sunday 007

and shirts for the younger  bunch.

tie dye and sunday 008tie dye and sunday 023

tie dye and sunday 016tie dye and sunday 015

And one piece with snaps for the babies.  How cute!

The tulip tie dye products are great.  Just follow the prep directions.

Get 100 per cent cotton and prewash with NO fabric softener.

Create and wrap in a plastic bag for hours (or overnight).

Then cut off bands and rinse in the sink until clear water, now throw them in the washer with cold water and 1/2 cup vinegar, rinse, spin, then dry.

Now the fun part…..

tie dye and sunday 028





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