DIY disaster

disaster @ the hill 025

Jimmy is finally on the last stage of finishing the ceiling in the big room.  First was scraping all the nasty off the ceiling, then patching, then sanding, then primer and now the paint. 

disaster @ the hill 027

This is a very happy Jimmy with project ceiling completed.  Thank you Sweetie!

disaster @ the hill 034

Next comes the walls in Pecan Cream which is the same color we used on the room you can see through the door.

disaster @ the hill 028

Jimmy puts down LOTS of plastic and hands me the paint and brush for the                          bright white crown molding that we are recycling.

There is a  DIY Reality Renovation show where people try to accomplish their renovation in a certain amount of time and budget .  When the people do something wrong a box comes up on the television with printed information on how they should have approached the project.        Here is our DIY disaster….

disaster @ the hill 036

Yes….that is our paint.  What happened? 

We didn’t realize that there was no primer

      over the dry wall mud

which was under the first layer of paint.   Ugh!

disaster @ the hill 037

Peeling the sanding ….

disaster @ the hill 041

The match game…do I look like blob one, two, three or four?

Scroll down to the end for the answer.

disaster @ the hill 042

While we are waiting, waiting for the well people to come and fix our pump Jimmy has to crawl in and out for the old well house and coax the pump (plead with the pump) to give us enough water during our stay.  So Jimmy was also running in and out of the house with a can of wasp spray , battling the wasps and working on the pump.  Got that picture in your head?

disaster @ the hill 047

Toward evening the girls came to visit in our back yard.  They stayed put while Jimmy went to the pump house but when he started batting around at the wasp the girls decided it was time to move on.

This is the morning after the night before

disaster @ the hill 054

Jimmy primed last night and painted this morning.  Looks good to me!

Good bye house….see you later….time to go to Tullahoma.


And the answer to the paint blob question is (drum roll please)……….




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