Jewelry and boards

friday date night picture show at normandy 036friday date night picture show at normandy 039

Posting some of the jewelry I’ve made.  This is a combination of findings mainly from Tuesday Morning craft isle. 

rutledge falls and jewelry 034rutledge falls and jewelry 036

colorful stones which are rather heavy

rutledge falls and jewelry 037rutledge falls and jewelry 038

crocheted button necklace in rainbow colors

rutledge falls and jewelry 032rutledge falls and jewelry 033

stones were purchased this week on clearance at Michaels for 1.99

rutledge falls and jewelry 039rutledge falls and jewelry 042

Years ago our girls made me a bracelet from pottery beads which met with an accident.  I’m combining those beads with the gray, silver, and the smaller beads for a necklace.

Now for the wood…

disaster @ the hill 024

There were lots of fencing boards piled up at the Hill and we are recycling.

We’ve made a wall, fixed a floor, we are making benches, wall art, etc.  This paint treatment was on the Pinterest site

disaster @ the hill 023

Paint as many different colored layers of paint haphazardly on to your boards.  Then when your are finished painting, sand the boards until you get the effect that you want.  Now you have some good looking old boards.

disaster @ the hill 020

Now put a stain finish on top which gives it that rich old look.  She said to keep the stain on the lighter side to keep from overpowering your paint treatment. 

That’s been my crafty fun the last little bit.  Thanks for stopping by. xo deb

P.S.  Can anybody tell me how to post my pictures on Pinterest?  Something changed this week and it won’t let me post.


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