sew fun

sewing machine 029

Today I looked the monster right in the eyes. I faced my fears head on with the

SLANT-O-MATIC singer sewing machine.


sewing machine 020sewing machine 036

Plugged in but where is the foot pedal?!?!?!    Then I spy the pedal you press with your knee.

Hmmmmmm try as I may the machine wouldn’t work.  Where is the switch to turn it on?!?!?

sewing machine 037sewing machine 038

Aha!  There’s another plug but where does it go?!?!?!?  Finally I found it under the monster.

There is no on/off switch but when you plug in this plug the machine has POWER!!!!!!

sewing machine 027sewing machine 028

Facing my fears…breathe deep….knobs, diagrams, breathe deep….facing my fears….

sewing machine 034sewing machine 032

What do you do with all this metal stuff?!?!?!   And the circle thingys and plate thingys?!?!?!?

It’s time to call in the pro. 

sewing machine 040sewing machine 041sewing machine 042

Granny is a seamstress by trade.  She can figure out most any machine.  She fixed the presser foot, threaded the machine, filled the bobbin, and poked and prodded at this and that and within an hour we had the straight stitch and zigzag stitch figured out.

sewing machine 044

I wrote out straight stitch and zigzag instructions and thanked Granny and started taming the monster.   Pillow cases were sewn into bed pockets for the ladies at Morning Pointe and then I just practiced taming the monster with some scraps and made this little house and inchie heart.

sewing machine 046

It was sew much fun!


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