weather, tea cups, pin cushions

Monday is crafting day at Morning Pointe Assisted living.  We will be making tea cup pin cushions for the ladies to keep in their rooms.  I hope to have pictures to share with you.

The craft at the Lantern Alzheimer’s Unit is much more challenging but the residents are so enjoyable.  I’ve found that it’s best to stay simple, colorful, fun with quick assembly when preparing their crafts.

That means there’s lots of work done in advance.  So this is what we have ready.

morning pointe lantern craft 001

Foam core art board from the Dollar Tree makes 6 pieces per board.

morning pointe lantern craft 003

Crafting paper to cover the art board.

morning pointe lantern craft 006

Circles for the base of the chart.

morning pointe lantern craft 018

Use spray glue (outside) for quick assemble of square and circle.

morning pointe lantern craft 019

High tech pattern to position the pieces.

morning pointe lantern craft 007

This site has the graphics to color print and then choose the pictures you want to include on your chart.

morning pointe lantern craft 010

Thank you Lowe’s for the paint stirs to make the pointers.

morning pointe lantern craft 025

Drill pointer to insert the old fashioned brads for easy movement.

morning pointe lantern craft 024

The boards are assembled and drilled for the pointer and a hanger. All parts and pieces are in the bag ready to go.

Hoping for  pictures when we put them together.  Later…..


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