big bad boo boo


Thank you from Jedidiah and family to:

Dr. John Anderson

Franklin Bone and Joint Clinic

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Staff


jedidiah at vandy 003

This is the second trip to Vanderbilt Emergency room.

jedidiah at vandy 007

Jedidiah’s first experience with Memaw’s DS basketball game while waiting…and waiting…and waiting in the ER.

jedidiah at vandy 047

About 2:00 a.m. we were finally in a room after x-rays, MRI, and IV prep for antibiotic treatment and diagnosis of Cellulitis.


jedidiah at vandy 053

Still not using right leg.   Hmmm hospital gowns are the same for little ones too.

jedidiah at vandy 092

A music program with Daddy and sister.

jedidiah at vandy 098

Feeling much better and enjoying the activities.

jedidiah at vandy 105

Thank you Aunt Betsy for the Doctor kit.

jedidiah at vandy 122

Finally able to walk again. 

jedidiah at vandy 126

Mommy, Daddy and Sister watch me strut down the hall.


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