Let me tell you about the well house.

new well house 041

Hi!  I am the surprise visitor that showed up at the house in Chapel Hill today to tell you about all the happenings.

new well house 003

I heard the humans talking about the second attempt to  bring the new well house.  Then the one they call Jimmy went out to this big bunch of bushes and trees and…


new well house 005

pick up that noisy thing laying there in the grass and started cutting and dragging the stuff away from that poor old worn out well house. 

new well house 009

I thought ….it’s gonna take that human a long time to get all that brush out of there.


new well house 040

Then out on the road I heard such a clatter ….I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.

And then to my wondering eyes did appear…

new well house 010

a nice smiling neighbor upon his John Deer.

new well house 013

The human they call Deb said something about blessings coming in many different ways.  It looked a lot more like a guy on a tractor to me.

new well house 018

Right after the John Deer pulled out…

new well house 016

this barn on wheels came backing into the driveway.  Well the humans began smiling and doing something they were calling the happy dance.

new well house 025new well house 028

That fancy truck did a little of this and a little of that and before you know it ….

new well house 031

Jimmy was standing beside the new well house and storage barn just smiling from ear to ear (human ears sure are funny looking).  Now if it were me and it was my well house I’d be wagging my tail.

new well house 037

He crawled right in there and just kept grinning and talking and planning.  He was really happy so I decided I would wag my tail for him.

new well house 039

Thanks for stopping by.  The end for now…..


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