3rd generation snapper



Fall break and a sunny day gave us an opportunity to meet the family at the Nashville Zoo.

Anndee Kate is now 8 years old and has the tendency to snatch my camera and start snapping.   We argue over who gets to take the pictures and of course I give in and make sure she has the strap around her neck …just in case. 

These are all taken by Anndee with no suggestions or instructions and totally unedited.

So this is the beginning of the day at the Nashville Zoo from an 8 year old point of view.

zoo with family 016zoo with family 001

We met Rikke, Betsy’ friend, who is an exchange student from Denmark.

zoo with family 002zoo with family 015

Cousin Millie with Aunt Monna                                  Tail feathers!

zoo with family 019zoo with family 003

Lots of birds and sister Piper

zoo with family 006zoo with family 007

OK, so she also has a sense of humor.  That’s what SHE sees while she’s walking through the zoo.  This one just happens to belong to her goofy Uncle J.C.

zoo with family 008zoo with family 021

Cousin Jedidiah and a real swinger.

zoo with family 009zoo with family 011

Good shot Anndee!                                                     A very happy Memaw.

zoo with family 012zoo with family 023

Memaw again with sister Navy Grace and cousin Jedidiah .

zoo with family 026zoo with family 027

I had no idea what shots would be on the camera until they were up on the computer.  Anndee was walking and shooting with her friend and let me repeat one more time with no instruction.

Yes I do sound proud and boastful today.  Aren’t grandparents allowed to every now and then?  I am very happy to know that photography will be a fun part of generation 3 in our family.         So keep on shooting!!!!!


5 thoughts on “3rd generation snapper

  1. Anndee says: That was cool. And really nice of you to say. Thank you! 🙂 ! I hope I get to take more pictures and I might get to send more to you. I might send some of my horse pictures to you from horse camp. And here are the horses names: Rose- Grace- Grey- Doc- Garth- Dusty- Sadie- Apple- I hope you like the pictures. Thank you for being nice and putting up the pictures that I took. I really like that! Thank you Bye! I love you! Anndee!

  2. Anndee: these are great pictures. I like the one of Memaw, Navy, and Jedidiah – I am also glad you didn’t delete the butt picture. hee hee – you have a funny sense of humor! Keep taking pictures – I’m glad about your horse camp too. The names of the horses are cool and I cant wait to see pics from your day at camp! Love Aunt Boo

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