pinterest craftiness stocking stuffers

Several people in the area have been interested in purchasing some of the cork jewelry I’ve been making (therapy) so I am setting up a pinterest page for shoppers.  The only way I know how to do this is posting on the blog first.  Sorry for any inconvenience to my blogging friends. 

cork jewelry 003cork jewelry 013

1spool with flower buttons

cork jewelry 004cork jewelry 009

2 spool with heart

cork jewelry 007cork jewelry 011

3 spool with”family”

cork jewelry 002cork jewelry 014

4 map cork with clock

cork jewelry 016cork jewelry 018

5 cork with key,heart, flower

cork jewelry 019

6 cork with hand and clear stones

cork jewelry 035

7 music cork with red rounds

cork jewelry 034

8 cork with hand and green flower


cork jewelry 025cork jewelry 027 co

9 cork with feather and faux pearls

cork jewelry 043cork jewelry 042

10 cork with protection!!!

cork jewelry 059cork jewelry 060

11 cork with wrench rounds and screw

cork jewelry 036cork jewelry 037

12 cork with feather and star


cork jewelry 038

13 cork with hardware

cork jewelry 039

14 cork with wood and texture beads

cork jewelry 048

15 cork with star wheel and wrench


cork jewelry 050cork jewelry 051

15 plastic cork “Whatever you do pour yourself into it” and hardware

cork jewelry 046cork jewelry 045

16 cork with chain hear,faux pearl, bead, butterfly

cork jewelry 041

17music cork with cross and heart

cork jewelry 024

18 cork with blue beads

cork jewelry 044

19 music cork with owl and feathers

cork jewelry 052

20 music cork with feathers

cork jewelry 053

21 music cork with rounds

cork jewelry 055

22 cork with wooden beads

cork jewelry 057

23 cork with purple bling

cork jewelry 058

24 cork with hardware and beads


cork jewelry 068cork jewelry 070

25 cork in zebra with button necklace

I’ll post more later….happy shopping. 


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