A Grench in the pump, signs and Dear Santa

the hill 001

Jimmy came into the bedroom to announce there was NO Water!  So he called Watson’s and they galloped right on over to the house in their trusty truck.

the hill 003

Up came the pump and out came the Grench.  We had water and several other minors details fixed.  We said our thank yous and  good byes and they said they’d send the bill.  UGH!!!!  Maybe, just maybe, they got the Grench out of the pump for good!

Do you remember the Thanksgiving sign?

hill at sunset 001

They didn’t have to change much for Christmas.

the hill 005

And here’s quite a combination on the hardware sign.

the hill 007


And now for our Dear Santa letter.

Dear Santa,

We would like just one present this year.  It’s a big one but we need it bad.  Since we don’t have a chimney you could just park it in the back yard.  The only bush hog we have is Jimmy

the hill 014the hill 016

and pruning shears and we have a lot of trail blazing to do.  If we had a tractor and bush hog life would be fun, fun, fun for us and the grandkids. (is that one present or two?)  If you could include a front end loader we could move a lot of stuff.

So Mister Santa, we have been good this year and this is all we want for Christmas.

Yours truly,

Jim and Deb Fields

p.s. We will leave milk and cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer.


5 thoughts on “A Grench in the pump, signs and Dear Santa

  1. We’re worms on the pizza, burgers or biscuits? I wondered that on the Thanksgiving one. Sure wish we had a bank account big enough to bring you all the present you want. Juliette

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