Questions for Santa and the Gingerbread disaster

Anndee Kate is 8 this year and has decided to write Santa a note with a few questions.  She wrote this  while traveling in the dark, in the back seat of the car. Interpretation for pic is picture.


Santa, as busy as he is, took time to reply.


Then Abby (our oldest daughter) shared the grandkid’s gingerbread disaster on her blog.

Life Lesson via Gingerbread House

Anna wouldn’t have it any other way than to have a gingerbread house to put together, so we made it our mission today to find one. And it was a mission. But….it’s one that was accomplished…sort of. Locating said house turns out was the easiest part…..putting it together? Another story altogether!
Our house was an epic fail from the start. I should have had a clue when I turned around, and there was my little resourceful Lucy using a hammer to try to open the box in which it came. Yes. A hammer.
Next, her tool of choice was my car key. Note: opening gingerbread pieces with a key is definitely not the best suggestion….a knife, maybe. We ended up with scissors. And a bunch of broken pieces. Try as they might, putting the house back together again was like reconstructing Humpty Dumpty…with a slick surface.
Kevin was determined to make it work, so he operated on it for quite some time….then held it together for it to “dry” so as to keep it from collapsing. Of course, every time he would move his hands, the roof would start to slide, and eventually, it caved in. See exhibit A:

Sadly, at this point, Kate announced to Kev that he needed to accept that it was not going to stay together…..the conversaion went something like this:

Kate: You know that’s never gonna stay together, Kevin. You may as well just give it up.

Kev: Awww, come on, Katie….you gotta have some gingerbread hope….and some gingerbread faith!!! Anything is possible.

The longer I’ve thought about that today (it stood out to me from the beginning anyways), I’ve decided that once again, my son imparted words of wisdom into my life, Kevin-Style. It applies to almost every aspect, if you think about it. Faith and hope….2 of the 3 gifts that the Bible notes are the most valuable of all gifts, with love being the ultimate gift.


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