dailykiss.wordpress.com is introduced


This is the txt conversation between Kevin and I which leads to  dailykiss.wordpress.com

thanksgiving holiday 159

This is Kevin with his little sister Anna. 


From: Kevin Key Grandson

Me and Alexis want to start readin  the bible together,where is a good place to start?

January 31, 2013  11:14 pm


Reply: lets talk about it. let me think on it. ok. that’s the thread that keeps a relationship together through the thick and thin. 

xoxo im proud of you 2.   Feb.1, 12:40 am


From Kevin Key Grandson

Thank you Memaw

February 1, 10:17 an


From Kevin Key Grandson

Thought about it?? I’m at school

Feb. 1, 12:51 pm


Reply:  call me when you can.  Feb, 1, 12:53   (I’m not fond of txting long conversations)


From Kevin Key Grandson


Feb.1, 12:57 pm


Reply:  ok…. I thought about it. first off use a translation that’s easy to understand.  what translation did we give you? …lets start by reading 1 corinthians 13 every day for a week.  pick one particular thought from what you read to apply to your day.  each day pick a different thought.  the biggest part is the discipline of every day and pray for God to lead your mind while you read.  hows that sound?  I will write a daily blog if you will read it.  Feb. 1, 1:05

From Kevin Key Grandson

Alright Memaw thank you!  I’m gonna tlk to Alexis about it when I get to her house after school

Feb, 1, 1:17 pm


I  send  the first day of the blog to Kevin’s  email for approval.  Feb. 2, 11:11 am


From Kevin Key Grandson

I read it I love it it’ just what I’m lookin for to read with her, I read the first day one

Feb 2, 11;29am


Reading the Bible can seem overwhelming, TMI (too much information) all at once, threatening if you have no idea where to begin. 

Daily Kiss is designed to keep it simple but interesting and to grow as we go through the days.  Come  join us as we wander ( and wonder ) through the Bible. 


p.s.  February 1 was the grand opening of  simplysouled.com  our on line store  and February 2 will be the beginning of dailykiss.wordpress.com   .   February 3  I just plan to worship and watch the Super Bowl but I never know what kind of God surprises are in store for the day.


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