Direct TV


Brother Jimmy Honey and I have been trying to cut back (save) on monthly expenses so we have changed to Direct TV.

BJH (that would be my Brother Jimmy Honey) has been very patiently trying to show me the how tos with the on/off direct TV button and channels.  He showed me one more time right before he left for all day meetings.  I finally decided it was time to have a little action in the house so I got the remote and thought I followed steps one and two but the only station that came up was the weather channel.  How boring

So I get the guide and find two stations I want to check.  I punch in the numbers and nothing happens…..hmmmmmmm…..I punch in the numbers and nothing happens.   So I decide that since our other service used the select button Id try that which made everything disappear.

Oh no!  Jimmy’s gone and the TV doesn’t work and when he gets home I’m gonna have to tell him and tomorrow is the Super Bowl.

So I find the manual

which was no help at all. So I moved on to the Direct TV on youtube

Jimmy is now home very patiently trying to correct the problem.


TV still not working at bedtime.

So it’s Super Bowl Sunday and two questions on the Direct TV help line fixed the problem. 


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