Every day is sweetheart day!

Brother Jimmy Honey doesn’t believe in Valentines day because he says every day is sweetheart day.  For years he would tell people the February 14th was grape vine trimming day. 

So far this has been our grape trimming day today.return and the hill 004

We counted 13 deer on our way to….

return and the hill 007  return and the hill 008 

Jimmy always wonders if we will make it through the meal before the place falls down or has an electrical problem.

return and the hill 012-001

Always great food and great fun.

return and the hill 020-001 return and the hill 016-001

We snapped pictures for a photo shoot during Lent.

return and the hill 046

He got me this absolutely beautiful orchid for the hill.

return and the hill 021return and the hill 024

We found treasures while we worked on the path through the woods.

return and the hill 026return and the hill 028return and the hill 043

and Jimmy worked on his sermon and  we worked on our blogs.

Jimmy just came in with a glass of coke and a moon pie  and our day will continue.  Remember, every day is sweetheart day.


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