Live! What would Norman Rockwell think?

Jimmy, Betsy, Malinda and I decided to do a picture a day challenge during Lent.  We are trying to take the pictures each day but we’ve also used pictures from our album.  They are all pictures that we have taken.  Todays word is  LIVE which could be translated several ways.  For me live, life, alive would be my family.  We are a crazy bunch.  We love living. 





Cozied up in the living room for a family get together.


Millie’s first steps.


image image

Kitchen fun makes for a kitchen disaster.


Fun with cousins


Crafty creations before and after.


Can you hear the music?                                          Can you see the joy?


Time for some serious dancing.


The poor little house was a complete disaster by the end of the day…..but it was a happy disaster.


We live, we have  life, we are alive with lots of love. 

What do you suppose Norman Rockwell would do if he had to paint our family?


4 thoughts on “Live! What would Norman Rockwell think?

  1. He would probably say, “Bro. jimmy Honey, be still for just a minute so I can get this just right and then I’ll join the fun and you can take MY picture”.

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