our first date ended with a hugs and kisses

Jedidiah and I went on our very first date today.

disney with jedidiah 083-001


disney with jedidiah 095

Mommy packed his back with extra clothes, bottled water, a banana, 2 apples ( 1 green and 1 red), and best of all were the dark chocolate covered almonds. 

disney with jedidiah 097

I drove while Jedidiah watched some Bugs Bunny on the way to our destination.

disney with jedidiah 103

We arrived early enough to exercise and potty before the show.

disney with jedidiah 098

Miss Cindy saved us front row seats so we could see the show and find our favorite actress, Morgan. 

disney with jedidiah 107disney with jedidiah 111

The musical was all Disney characters singing and dancing.

disney with jedidiah 120

disney with jedidiah 125disney with jedidiah 123disney with jedidiah 078

disney with jedidiah 130

Our most favorite character was our Morgan.

disney with jedidiah 126

During the grand finale they dropped great big balloons and then they gave Jedidiah a red one and a black one for  sister, Millie.

disney with jedidiah 093-001

Millie wasn’t very happy because she didn’t get to go but she sure did like her balloon.

disney with jedidiah 131

We had lots of fun.


disney with jedidiah 088

We had a great day and ended our first date with hugs and kisses.


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