Beautiful Tiffany

A statement from Dr. McFall sent late Thursday afternoon to Nashville’s New 2 said, “Our school family is devastated by the loss of [the 13-year-old]. She was intelligent, well liked, and respected by her peers and her teachers. We join our entire community in grieving for her family.”   News Channel 2  WKRN

She put a smile on my face when I would see her walking into church.   She had beautiful dark red hair,  a pixie like frame, a shy smile and the cutest stylish glasses.  She was always willing to come up for children’s chat and answer questions even if she was the only one or the oldest one just so the adults and the person chatting could still be a part of the worship.   I remember the Sunday she said she loved music and that might be her special gift. 

Wednesday evening Jimmy received the call that Tiffany had committed suicide.  There are no words to describe the feelings we have had and continue to have through this tragedy.   Tiffany chose to solve her problem(s) by taking her own life .   We all have questions and  “what ifs’” circling in our heads and hearts.

The school community and media have chosen to point their finger at bullying as the reason for suicide.  IF Tiffany took her life due to bullying, let us not let her death be in vain. 

Bullying effects all ages of people in homes, schools and work places.  The bullying behavior is  a learned behavior.  The bullying is either accept by family, friends and piers or family, friends, and piers have the option to stand against bullying. 

My 8 year-old granddaughter was having trouble in school last year so her aunt wrote this song.


Being different is ok. 


Now, a little more about Tiffany.  My very own personal belief is that Tiffany is with God, wrapped in God’s loving arms, never to have another problem.  I believe this because God is love.  Our loss is great, the world’s loss is great because Tiffany would have been able to contribute so much good to this world if she would have been able to stay with us. 


Tiffany’s life and death are showing us:

Love and respect  your family, friends, piers and all of mankind.

Be good, do good.

Admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness .

We cannot erase the past but we can change the present and future.

Show love, mercy  and grace in all of your thoughts, words and deeds.

Please feel free to add to this list.

                                                                Grieving, Deb Fields


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Tiffany

  1. Deb, your tribute is beautiful., and I agree that Tiffany is with God, who is love, and is happy, healthy, and forever in the presence of Jesus. I believe those who commit suicide have a temporary mental illness and are incapable of seeing that there is another way out of their pain. If Tiffany understood the depths of grief that her family, friends, and tormenters are suffering now, she would never have taken her own life. Many, many people, including many who are not acquainted with the family, are praying for comfort, strength, hope, joy, and love for Tiffany’s parents, sister, and other family members. May they sense God’s presence and love.

  2. Wonderful tribute to Tiffany. I, too, remember her being so eager to participate in Children’s Time at Church. Thoughts and prayers for Bro. Jim as he ministers to this family and as he participates in the funeral service. Also thoughts and prayers for Tiffany’s family. Juliette

  3. This has bothered me So Very Much. When she was in church, she sat behind me. She had a beautiful voice, and was a lovely person. I have been constantly praying for her parents, sister and grandparents since I have heard this terrible news. I have also been praying for those who bullied her (however that may have been). I pray they have have a changing heart and will be better people now.

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