Closets, closets and more closets

Tomorrow morning we depart for Cherokee, N.C. to spend a week on the reservation for our youth mission this summer.  The last 5 years we traveled to Baldwin, LA and spent the week at UMCOR which in one of the United Methodist Depots where we work in the community and also assemble and check kits that travel around the world to disaster areas.  We have built closets at Chez Hope which is a safe home for women and children .

Cindy and I jumped at the chance to demo and build with power tools.  The youth went through piles of clothes sorting and hanging so the women could more easily what they need.


The youth finished the first motel room and had it stocked with clothes, shoes, purses, etc. plus children clothes and supplies.


Jimmy and I returned with the adult mission team and demoed the other adjoining motel room.   If you look closely you will see the plumbing pipe that we knocked off even with the wall and flooded the whole room before Zeek the plumber arrived to fix it.


Our high tech engineering plans for the new closets.


Getting closer.



Happy, happy, happy!

This week there will be 18 youth and adults building a clothing closet and setting up a pantry. We will also spend time at Paint Town playing with the children from the reservation. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can represent Christ in the world by sharing God’s love and serving others.

P.S. Here’s hoping there are no water pipes in the room.


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