Mission trip to Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina

The youth mission trip was in Cherokee, North Carolina.


8 from Waverly United Methodist Church in Waverly, Tennessee


10 from Wesley Heights United Methodist Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee

cherokee etc 247

Here we are.  All 18 of us became one group working and playing together.


Our first stop was a Ocoee River to picnic and watch the water sports.

cherokee etc 001-001  cherokee etc 005 

cherokee etc 015  cherokee etc 013

cherokee etc 023  cherokee etc 024  cherokee etc 032  cherokee etc 002

We traveled on the our mystery stop which was…

cherokee etc 054  cherokee etc 048  cherokee etc 043-001

cherokee etc 038-001  cherokee etc 039 cherokee etc 041

cherokee etc 045  cherokee etc 042  cherokee etc 057

cherokee etc 056cherokee etc 058

cherokee etc 034

Back in the vehicles and on to our final destination.  


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