Cherokee continued

cherokee etc 267

Our mission leaders were my friend Cindy for the Tullahoma group (left) and our #3 daughter Betsy for the Waverly group.  Pat (middle) is on campus for all the groups that come to their campus to visit and work in the community.  Our teams are very thankful for all the work these ladies have invested in preparing and leading this mission.

cherokee etc 264cherokee etc 229   Working visiting and playing with the people from the community is such an important piece of a mission.  This is Joslyn with Ross.   Joslyn decided that Ross was her boy and as you can see, Ross seems to be enjoying himself.  Our team saw how important it is to  be respectful to the people of the community no matter what their age, gender status, etc.

We went to Painttown twice to play with thirty children from the area.  We have no pictures but this is what we did:  Robby is a High School chemistry teacher and he did some very hands on awesome experiments both days.  Michael and Emily are cloggers (style of dancing) and they showed the children some basic steps and then danced for them.  We had a bubble machine running while Noah played his guitar and let the children strum a little.  They also played lots of games and ate apples and we made a giant jenga game which we left with them.

cherokee etc 100cherokee etc 101  Jenga is so much fun.  It’s 54 pieces of 2X4 cut 10 1/2 inches and sanded real good.


cherokee etc 110cherokee etc 111cherokee etc 115cherokee etc 116


Time for tubing in that ice cold mountain water.

cherokee etc 117cherokee etc 118cherokee etc 121cherokee etc 124

cherokee etc 127  There’s more than one way to tube.


cherokee etc 126  The last picture of Ross’s shoes. 


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