Visiting the Cherokee village

cherokee etc 196

cherokee etc 155


            Hand weaving

cherokee etc 156cherokee etc 157


cherokee etc 159cherokee etc 160

Our guide was a member of the wolf clan.   This is the beading tent.

cherokee etc 161cherokee etc 162

                                                                                           Needles made from natural materials.

cherokee etc 163cherokee etc 165cherokee etc 166cherokee etc 168

She very patiently works on hand made pottery .

cherokee etc 169cherokee etc 171

Wood carving by hand.

cherokee etc 173cherokee etc 174

Materials are first made from natural materials and then the baskets are woven.


cherokee etc 176cherokee etc 177

Making arrow heads and blow darts.

cherokee etc 178

Blow gun demonstration.  They used the blow guns with pointed ends on the darts for hunting small animals at close range.

cherokee etc 181

cherokee etc 201cherokee etc 204

Traders were often accepted into the tribes as friends.


cherokee etc 184


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