This the way we sort the clothes, build a closet, make jenga, etc.

An old laundry room was packed full of boxes and bags of clothes, toys, shoes, house are items that were donated to help people in need.  We spent hours emptying the room and sorting and separating into piles for the upcoming dollar a bag full yard sale.



        wcherokee etc 089         cherokee etc 085cherokee etc 088

Lots of surprises…. you never knew what you might pull out next.


cherokee etc 090cherokee etc 092 n

The clothes closet is now in the old laundry room.  We finished the first wall with lower and upper bar hanging clothes and a shelf running across the top.

cherokee etc 206s cherokee etc 213


The reward for making the jenga was being able to play a few games.

cherokee etc 095cherokee etc 103

We also replanted plants and did a little landscaping.

cherokee etc 234cherokee etc 236d

We also had time to play and shop.


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