Pie baking 101

pie class 034

My very first chocolate pie from scratch.

pie class 043

This is our teacher, Jan, who fearlessly led her class to success.

pie class 001 pie class 012

pie class 003 pie class 007

Pie crust recipe for 6 crusts.  Keep the extra in the freezer ready for the next pie.

pie class 007 pie class 009

Roll out the dough then transfer to the pan and flute the edges.

pie class 018

pie class 019 pie class 022-001

Chocolate pie for Jimmy made in the microwave.

pie class 024 pie class 020

Chocolate and coconut were the choices.

pie class 025pie class 026  

Granny shows up for the cleaning of the bowl.

pie class 028pie class 029-001

First pie completed is a coconut cream.

pie class 033 pie class 036

pie class 038 pie class 039

pie class 042 pie class 046

pie class 035 pie class 047

Time for a little taste testing.

pie class 049


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