off on a new venture

Jimmy and I have been enjoying quality time together on treasure hunts for things we can purchase

and fix up for resale.  It involves power tools, glue, paint, a lot of imagination plus TLC to revive our treasures in the rough.

So please tolerate a few posts of our quirky repurposed treasures. 


Suitcase table with feet…ready to travel.

I talked Jimmy into helping me make this and he said,

“I would NOT be happy if you came toting one of these

things home from a sale.”    We will see.  I love it!


Jimmy refinished this tilt top table we found in Indiana.


A lamp shade and table top covered with mustaches.


Coffee art anyone?


These chairs were in sad shape until we got

ahold of them.  Happy paint and happy material

and they are ready for a happy home.

P9090004  P9090005

This table was finished at a paint class at the Blackberry House.

We love Polly’s paint and wax which is used on most all of our projects.


The plan was to strip and stain but it didn’t work and we are glad

because this old high chair looks great in red.


We found this in a pile of pieces, cleaned it spick and span and gave it a new (old looking) paint job.


This beautiful Jenny Lynd full size bed will be a quilt rack very soon.

P9090009    P9090013

   Some day I’ll have to blog the button tragedy story for you.

I have MANY buttons and love, love love to doodle with them.



P9090019   P9090023  P9090024

This cabinet was so old and nasty and look what we have now?  This is one of Jimmy’s favorites.

Lined with dictionary papers and leather shelves.  Lamp made to match perfectly.


An old beveled mirror with new life.


rug august 2013 001P9090010  P9090012      



Our very first find was this Basset dresser.    The plan was to refinish but as you can see it’s painted.


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