Who am I?  Well, I’m a carpe diem (sieze the day!) kind of person.

My life motto is,”When I cease to learn, I cease to live.”

Being busy (NOT with housework!) is what I enjoy.

Doing Random Acts of Kindness is such a pleasure.

I have been married to my very bestest of all friends in the whole wide world for almost 37 years!!!

4 daughters+4 son-in-laws+9 grandchildren= JOY!   JOY! JOY!

Thanks to my girlfriend Cindy and permission from my hubby, I have POWER TOOLS to play with!

I am addicted to Pinterest (check out my pins).

Above all, I want to let my light shine because… I love God… and God loves me… and God loves you… and God loves everybody!

P.S. A great cup of coffee and dark chocolate makes the world a better place!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love all the photos & captioning, all the way back. You are so talented! I recognized those faces & places. . .I say to James–yum, yum. Wish I had been there to share the leftovers. You had beignets, too. I know envy & gluttony are sins, but, boy, oh, boy!

  2. Hope all of you are having a good time and staying warm enough. Forgot to mention that all of us at Emmaus Walk spent some time in the basement with the preschool during the tornado warning Fri. morning. Then rushed home that afternoon due to storm headed our way from Huntsville & we prepared to go to our basement if necessary. Fortunately, went around us.

  3. Love it (blog), love you, love all of you (4 daughters, 4 sons-in-law, 9 grandchildren AND Ma), love God who gave you and me all of this to love!!!

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